Mad Media Online provides the following services below:

V.O. (Voice-over) for graphic videogames
Adult Content
Acting on screen for non adult videos/films
Magazine shoots
Massage work
TV shows
Guest talk show appearances
Fitness magazines
Health and fitness events
Healthy cooking segments for television, cable networks, and the internet
Fitness apparel/athletic wear
Sexy exercise videos
Entertainment events
Bodybuilding & Bikini Event Listings
Bodybuilders & Muscle Worship Scenes
Adult entertainment events (bachelor/bachelorette parties) (videotaped/non-videotaped)
Photoshoots/Video shoots TFP (Trade-For-Print/Trade-For-Video)
Fitness modeling for educational, corporate, or entertainment mediums
Dating segments
Fitness actors, Fit actresses, Fit Athletes, and Fit extras
Promotional fitness modeling and acting (promotional fitness modeling events, healthy product modeling, waiters, brand ambassadors, abstract body part photography/videography, spokes models, waitresses, bartenders, performances, private shows, exercise videos, infomercials, and media-related events.)
Personal training
Private Skype sessions (the fitness model will give the client quick and healthy
cooking and exercising tips/no nudity)
Live Video Chat
Fitness modeling/posing in artistic form (body painting)
Private Muscle Flexing Sessions
Private Light Wrestling Sessions
Private Mixed Wrestling Sessions

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